Throughout the collection, Komi develops feelings for Tadano, which she eventually expresses to Manbagi whereas confronting her about her emotions. While the anime is progressing properly, the manga has already proven the current relationship between the 2. Later in the episode, Tadano declines Komi’s invitation to go to the café with the objective of encouraging her to invite her friends. While there were plenty of cute moments to indicate how a lot he likes her, episode 14 of Komi Can’t Communicate gave the obvious hint of his emotions for Komi. Komi matriarch Yuiko’s funniest scene may just reveal an surprising chapter of her backstory, in addition to her plans for her granddaughter’s future.

Since Tadano was elected class president in an earlier episode, he is been tasked with doing paperwork. Since his homeroom teacher recognizes he is a little bit of a pushover, she hasn’t restrained herself from rising his workload. This causes Onemine to sympathize with Tadano and provide him a lending hand with the paperwork. Komi and Tadano are relationship as of Chapter 324, which is the most recent chapter within the manga (as of this writing). Komi spends a lot of time in Chapter 318 together with her girlfriends selecting an outfit for her first date with Tadano. However, as revealed in Chapter 317, Komi’s father “kidnapped” Tadano on the day of their date to evaluate the boy’s suitability for courting his daughter.

Is yuiko really pushing komi nearer to tadano?

As of Chapter 324, the latest chapter within the manga, the 2 are dating. On his first day of highschool, he realized Shouko had a communication problem and have become committed to helping her achieve her aim of creating friends. While Masayoshi ultimately comes to accept Tadano’s relationship and the 2 go on their date on a different day, Komi stays indignant along with her father for some time afterward. And that is the apprehensive version of Tadano that fans get to know and love, only a mere shadow of his former self.

At the very least, it is possible that the Komi family’s wise counsellor acknowledges Tadano’s recent appearance and Komi’s newfound confidence aren’t any coincidence. Yuiko is clearly proud of her granddaughter’s progress in making friends, and if she thinks Tadano had any hand in that in any way, then she clearly has the motivation to encourage their relationship. Throughout the series Komi develops emotions for Tadano, finally admitting so to Manbagi as she is confronting her about her personal feelings. Among other things, she says she finds Tadano to be cool, conscious, observant, and always willing to help someone in trouble[6]. When Tadano gets sick she holds his hand as he falls asleep solely to be walked in on by Najimi. She provides Tadano chocolates on Valentine’s day and says that those had been ‘the best of the batch[7].

In a rather serendipitous moment, he has an opportunity encounter with Komi on the street. His special talent is studying the ambiance; a talent he makes use of to maintain himself out of bother. This, in flip, allowed him to know what Shouko would think or feel, even when she has hassle expressing herself. His capability is so precise that Nakanaka has accused him of being a mind-reader. Despite his skills for empathy and statement, he could be somewhat clueless in phrases of romance, being unable to inform when someone else harbors romantic feelings for him.

Komi still likes tadano

In a extra significant scene yet, Ren Yamai tries to play a game of aishiteru with Komi in an attempt to get her to “confess” her like to Yamai. If the opposite person blushes or smiles, the one that mentioned “aishiteru” wins. If the individual who says “aishiteru” smiles or blushes before their beloved does, then they lose.

After all, expressing emotions to a crush is troublesome and embarrassing even for many who do not have social nervousness. The fact that Komi continues to remain near Tadano — even given her grandmother’s obvious disapproval — exhibits the extent to which she cares about him, whether or not it’s motivated by revolt or not. Komi-san wa comyushou desu; komi shouko and Tadano hitohito; komi is unable to converse. Shoko Komi’s reputation skyrockets on her first day at the exclusive Itan Private High School, due to the impression she offers off as a model of unflinching beauty and polished grace. The two turn out to be quick friends, and Tadano decides to help Komi in her quest to amass a hundred pals.

Who does komi end-up with in komi can’t communicate?

While it shouldn’t be a question for the obvious causes, Komi being essentially the most beautiful woman in school, Tadano doesn’t appear the type to simply focus on one’s bodily attributes. It includes submerging oneself right into a fantasy world whereby one becomes the hero of their own storyline, embued with magical powers that give them the upper hand over everybody else. Usually melodramatic and egotistical, the Chuunibyou is not normally well-liked, as their lies and deception are outlandish and transparent and their fantastical explanations seem to see no finish. Hitohito is often described as an ordinary student with regular appears and average peak and weight. His lone stand-out function is the white flower-shaped cowlick in his black hair. However, when he was pressured to cross-dress in the course of the Cultural Festival, Hitohito was admired implicitly by the boys and even Shouko Komi.